THIRTY-One Newcomers At Greenock Parkrun

GREENOCK parkrun welcomed 138 people on Saturday, including 31 first-timers.

A number of the Inverclyde C25K (Couch to Five-Kilometre) members attended as part of their course.

Nineteen of those who ran, jogged and walked the five-kilometre Esplanade course recorded personal best (PB) times. 

Two participants celebrated milestones -- Margaret Mary McEleny completed her 50th run and Colin Robertson achieved his 100th. Both have done all their parkruns at Greenock.

Those who improved their times were: Kenneth Taylor 18:25, Malcolm McLean 19:53, Darren MacLeay 21:18, Paul Mangan 21:21, Dean Black 22:07, Stephen Jenkins 22:13, Fiona McFarlane 22:27, Claire Monaghan 22:46, Alan Hatherall 22:49, Laura Knox 23:09, Craig Parker 23:15, Cheryl Thomas 23:38, Robert McEleny 23:41, Katie Johnson 24:06, Deborah McKenzie 26:37, Elaine Hunter 28:33, Janet McCauley 29:16, June Falconer 34:06.

Male placings: 

An unknown runner crossed the finish line in first place. 

Chris Mooney was second over the line in 16:46. 

Andrew White was third over the line in 16:51

Female Placings: 

Donna Clark was first over the line in 22:24. 

Fiona McFarlane was second over the line in 22:27

Claire Monaghan was third over the line in 22:46

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