SWIMMING -- Greenock Otters In The Medals At Glasgow Gala

GREENOCK Otters competed in the Jubilee Gala at Scotstoun Swimming Centre, Glasgow and won a total of nine medals.

The medal winners were:


William Heron -- 25-metre Backstroke Class 7

Jack Thomson -- 25-metre Backstroke Class 6

Robert McDonald -- 25-metre Freestyle Class 8


Jethro Dougan -- 50-metre Backstroke Class 4

Luca Talacchia -- 50-metre Freestyle Class 2


Brogan Phillips -- 25-metre Backstroke Class 10

Robert McDonald -- 25-metre Backstroke Class 7

Michael McLaughlin 50-metre Backstroke Class 4

Zoe McDairmid -- 50-metre Freestyle Class 2

The club congratulate all the swimmers, and thank Carolynn Swinney, Lynn Thomson and Tony Phillips for their assistance.

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