GOLF -- Whinhill Mini-Junior Prizegiving

MEMBERS of Whinhill Golf Club’s Mini-Junior Section held their annual prizegiving marking the end of their successful 2017 season.

Family and friends packed the clubhouse to congratulate the youngsters on their impressive performances over the past six months. 

The Mini-Juniors have displayed a tremendous amount of golfing talent with many now ready to join the ranks of the full Junior Section.

All Mini-Juniors were presented with a trophy and certificate recognising how well they had done at coaching sessions held on Thursday evenings throughout the summer. 

They were also given golf balls as they proudly stepped up to receive their certificate from club captain Paul Meechan.

Mini-Junior Class of 2017

Dean Black, Reilly Cassidy, Ruari Cassidy, Charlie Deveney, Ross Docherty, Cameron Gavin, Cameron Hanley, Jack Hardie, Ben Hughes, Nicholas Keogh, Scott Lang, Nathan Little, Nathan Love, Ross McLaughlin, Erin Moodie, Lewis Nelson, Hollie O’ Donnell, Anna Rennie, Leah Rennie, Corey Simpson, Alex Taylor

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