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RUNNERS Celebrate Achievements At Greenock Parkrun

RUNNERS Celebrate Achievements At Greenock Parkrun

EDDIE Devine celebrated his 100th parkrun in style at Greenock, wearing a dashing outfit to mark the century milestone.

Eddie did his first run at the weekly five-kilometre Greenock Esplanade event on 14 June 2014, just after the local parkrun started.

Ninety-two of his runs have been at Greenock. His best time is 26:02.

Two runners completed their 50th parkruns Wenda Crawford, whose best time is 27:13, and son Cameron who started parkrun with his mum in September 2015, at the age of six-and-a-half. His time was 33 minutes 46 seconds and he has improved to 23.39.

Nineteen runners also earned personal best times (PBs) on Saturday Seniors celebrating new PBs were Chris Mooney, 16:12 (26-second improvement), Douglas Mason, 22:10 (33s), Fiona Macfarlane, 22:25 (2s), Matthew Young, 22:37 (28s), Ros Lawson, 22:40 (41s), David Holmes, 23:07 (8s), Cheryl Thomas, 23:37 (1s), Simon Hazel, 24:40, (186s), Gordon Mcintyre, 27:33 (6s), Martin McNeil, 27:52 (14s), Kevin McGroarty (28:23), 194s, Fiona Benham, 31:32 (98s), Andy Yarr, 33:12 (89s) and Sarah Blandy, 33:21 (34s).

Juniors with improved times were Erin McEleny, 25:35 (34-second improvement), Lewis Scott, 29:11 (175 seconds), Daisy Hazell, 31:00 (160s), Hannah Ritchie, 35:04 (61s), Charlotte Taggart, 40:06 (6s).

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