AGE Grade Record Broken At Greenock Parkrun

Andrew White

A NEW age grade record was set at Greenock parkrun as 149 people took part in the weekly five-kilometre event.

Andrew White, who recently turned 50, achieved an age grading of 90.12 per cent. 

Parkrun use the age grade system to allow runners to compare how they did with other people's performances even though they might be a different age and a different sex.  | Full age grade explanation

Andrew was also first finisher and set a new personal best (PB) time of 16:22.

The Esplanade event welcomed 22 first-timers on Saturday, 16 of them doing their first parkrun anywhere.

Among the first-timers was Maria Devine, granddaughter of parkrun regular Eddie Devine -- Maria and her family came along to help Eddie celebrate his 75th birthday.

Twenty-one participants improved on their previous best times.

Greenock parkrun 

Event volunteers

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