PLANNING Approval For St Mary's School Makeover

PLANNING officials have approved a £6million extension and refurbishment of St Mary's Primary School in Greenock.

The Inverclyde Council project, which is due to start in the summer, will involve the interior of the building in Patrick Street being modernised and a new gym/assembly hall being built.

Education and Communities Convener Councillor Jim Clocherty said: “The St Mary’s school building has been a feature of Greenock town centre for many years.

“The refurbishment will essentially create a new school within the existing walls giving staff and pupils the best possible facilities while maintaining that sense of history at the heart of the local community.”

The existing building will be re-slated and all windows replaced. External doors will be replaced, stonework repaired and all classrooms and teaching facilities renewed.

St Mary's will relocate to the former Sacred Heart School building in Larkfield during the work which is expected to last a year.

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