LARKFIELD Domino's Site Gets The Go-Ahead

COUNCILLORS have voted to allow a development in Larkfield that is set to attract a Domino's Pizza outlets and a Gregg's bakery shop.

The development on the site of the former Larkfield Masonic Association hall at Auchmead Road, near Inverkip Road was originally approved by officials.

However applicant Sava Estates appealed and Inverclyde's Local Review Body voted to grant permission.

Sava Estates already had planning permission for three shops but lodged an application to increase the size of the shops and add a hot food takeaway, which they said Domino's had shown "firm interest" in. Gregg's is lined up for one of the shops.

Inverclyde Council planning officers refused the proposal saying nearby residents would suffer because the takeaway would cause an unacceptable level of noise and activity on a regular basis, particularly late into the evening.

Councillors disagreed pointing out that there had only be two public objections to the application and that the site had previously been a social club.

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