WITNESS Appeal After Diving Gear Theft In Greenock

DIVING equipment worth around £1,500 was stolen from a shed broken into in the Barr's Cottage area of Greenock.

The theft took place in the Inverkip Road, Lady Alice, Grieve Road area between midnight and 2am.

Householder Ian Stirling believes a vehicle would have been required because of the amount of gear involved.

He urges anyone who saw equipment being loaded into a car or van in the area in the early hours of Sunday to contact police.

He said: "This was well planned out and would have taken several trips back and forth to grab, stack and transport to whatever vehicle they had.

"Someone must've driven past the area or been in a taxi and thought 'it's late at night to be doing all that moving.'"

The haul included steel tanks, weight harnesses and bright green fins.

Any witnesses can contact police on 101, quoting incident reference number 1841 for 2 April.

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