SPORTS Awards Welcome New Sponsor Signing Riverside Inverclyde

REGENERATION company Riverside Inverclyde is to become a category sponsor for the Inverclyde Sports Personality Awards.

Chris Jewell for the organisers said: "We are delighted to welcome Riverside Inverclyde as a sponsor for these important and exciting awards and are very grateful for their support. 

"All the various categories of awards are now sponsored which is great both for the awards themselves and the money we raise as part of them to provide grants to up and coming Inverclyde sports people in their quest to break into national and international selection."

Andrew Bowman, head of business investment at Riverside Inverclyde, said: "We are very pleased to be able to offer additional support for the Inverclyde community in this way. 

"Our prime focus at Riverside Inverclyde is providing the quality premises and facilities that can attract investment into Inverclyde, bringing new businesses and jobs, whilst providing the opportunity for ambitious local companies to expand, safeguarding local jobs. 

"Our physical regeneration projects help to stimulate economic growth -- essential for the fabric of life in a thriving community. 

"But Riverside Inverclyde is also very much aware of the role of social regeneration in  facilitating the well-being and positivity of the Inverclyde community. 

"We congratulate the organisers for showcasing Inverclyde’s sporting excellence –- an important ingredient in collaboratively working with partners towards a revitalised and proud Inverclyde -– and we wish all those nominated for an award every continued success."

Nominations for the nine categories of award can still be submitted online at www.inverclydesportspersonality.com. The deadline is Monday 27 March.

The categories are Senior Sports Personality of the Year, Junior Sports Personality of the Year, Disabled Sports Personality of the Year, Coach of the Year, Team of the Year, School Team of the Year, Club of the Year (a new category), Young Volunteer of the Year (up to age 25) and Adult Volunteer of the Year.

The awards ceremony is at a dinner event in Greenock Town Hall on 12 May.

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