PROMOTION -- Our Place Our Future – Greenock East and Central… asks ‘how can you help shape your future?’

The Our Place Our Future Advisory Group

WITH empowering communities to generate change at its heart, the Our Place Our Future – Greenock East and Central initiative has been busy calling upon people who live and work in the area, encouraging them to provide views that could help shape the future of their local community.

Thanks to funding of £30,682 from the European Social Fund, the Our Place Our Future team have been engaging with locals through a variety of community conversations over the past few weeks, a process that will continue until the end of March 2018.

This will include a second community event on Monday 26 March, 1pm to 5pm, at Broomhill Community Hub.

Our Place Our Future – Greenock East and Central covers Gibshill, Strone, Weir Street, Cartsdyke, Bridgend, Greenock Town Centre, Wellpark, Drumfrochar, Broomhill and Prospecthill.

“People from different generations and walks of life are already having their say, with hot topics ranging from poverty, loneliness and health, to inter-generational activities, depopulation and employment,” said Our Place Our Future Programme Manager, Bill Clements.

“So we are urging people who live or work in Greenock East and Central and haven’t already participated, to take this opportunity, join the conversation and have their say.

“To ensure people have different ways to engage with us, they can contribute via our Facebook group chats and Twitter pages, or join us for our second community event at Broomhill Community Hub on Monday 26 March, where they can discuss issues of importance to them. We are also meeting directly with local community groups and businesses to include as many people as possible.

“We know that empowering communities is essential. That’s why we want to enable people to lead their own success and be directly involved in developing and delivering long-term solutions that address local needs. We are also looking at how they can become involved, such as by volunteering their time and skills.

“We were delighted to be awarded the European Social Fund grant to take forward Our Place Our Future – Greenock East and Central and help local residents, groups and businesses consider how ideas can be turned into action, creating a stronger, fairer and healthier community in the future.”

The event on Monday 26 March at Broomhill Community Hub will include two afternoon discussions, with the first starting at 1pm and the second at 3.10pm. A free crèche is available between 1pm and 5pm by booking in advance with Enterprise Childcare on tel: 01475 745552. Free transport is also available by calling CVS Inverclyde on tel: 01475 711733 (by Thursday 22 March). Refreshments will be available throughout the afternoon.

Any community group or business which would like to find out more, should contact Community Engagement Officer Patricia Compston, tel: 01475 728628, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or Bill Clements, tel: 01475 711733, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

To find out more about Our Place Our Future – Greenock East and Central and share views, join the group chat on Facebook @OurPlaceOurFuture or follow the conversation on Twitter @OPOF2018.

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