PORT Glasgow Garage Used For TV Crime Drama Filming

A FORTY-strong film crew took over a Port Glasgow garage for a day to shoot scenes for major TV crime drama Shetland.

The production rolled into Fergus Monk Port Glasgow Motor Company's distinctive premises at West Quay on Monday for footage featuring Steven Robertson who plays Detective Constable Sandy Wilson.

Fergus said: "One of the location staff saw the garage on the internet and came to see it. They liked it. It was ideal for them because of the space. I was happy for them to use it.

"They were working till 11.30pm. They were filming a scene involving a digger that they had brought in."

The workshop building dates back to 1853 and has two-foot thick stone walls.

Fergus Monk in the garage with his beloved boat Annie which stayed in the building during filming

Filming is taking place for the fourth season of the BBC programme.

The crew have now headed into the Inverclyde countryside, using the former Cornalees Farm beside Loch Thom as a location.

The shoot continues on the Old Largs Road over the next couple of days.

The road is scheduled to be closed between the turning for Dowries Farm and the junction with Dunrod Road, from 7pm on Thursday (30 March) until midnight Friday. 

| Fergus Monk Port Glasgow Motor Company 

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