POLICE Officer Rescues Man From Clyde At Greenock

A POLICE officer rescued an unconscious man from the Clyde at Greenock.

Emergency services were called to a report of someone in the water at The Esplanade around 10.45pm on Tuesday.

Probationary police officer Constable McCrone entered the river and managed to pull the casualty to safety.

Chief Superintendent Gordon Crossan‏ said excellent police work had undoubtedly saved a life.

As well as PC McCrone's actions, he praised Police Scotland control room staff who worked quickly to confirm the location of the person.

Greenock's Coastguard rescue team was sent to the scene. They stated: "The team were tasked to reports of a person in the water off Greenock Esplanade. Thankfully the person was rescued by a brave member of Police Scotland and brought to the warmth and safety of the Scottish Ambulance Service."

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