NEW Set-Up For Inverclyde's Volunteer Support Service

CVS Inverclyde and Inverclyde Community Development Trust are forming a single service to support Inverclyde’s community groups and volunteers. 

The move will see development support for volunteering, currently delivered by the Trust, moving to CVS Inverclyde. This support includes encouraging people to volunteer, helping people find a volunteering role and supporting organisations to recruit and manage volunteers effectively.  

CVS Inverclyde will offer these services alongside their existing support to local voluntary organisations. One employee who delivers the service will move to CVS Inverclyde, which will help the transition.

Jim Bristow, chief executive of Inverclyde Community Development Trust, said: “The Trust first opened a volunteer centre more 20 years ago, and volunteering has always been a hugely important part of what we deliver. We’ve been working more closely with CVS on this delivery over the last few years, and now seemed like the right moment to move to a single service.”

Ian Bruce, chief executive at CVS Inverclyde, added: “This makes sense for Inverclyde and we are looking forward to being able to offer a joined-up service to local communities. The services have been delivered well in partnership and we want to keep the best of that while using the opportunity to develop.”

The volunteering support service will stop being delivered by the Trust on Friday 10 November. After a short transition period, CVS Inverclyde will deliver the service from Monday 20 November at its offices in the Inverclyde Community Hub, Cathcart Street, Greenock.

The new combined service at CVS Inverclyde will:

-- Get more people involved in their community, including through volunteering

-- Strengthen local community groups and voluntary organisations

-- Create more jobs within voluntary organisations, supporting Inverclyde’s economy

-- Build collaboration between communities, voluntary organisations and the public and private sectors.

The Trust will continue to offer high quality volunteering opportunities through the Trust Volunteering project, which is otherwise unaffected. Trust Volunteering creates volunteering opportunities to respond to local social challenges, such as through befriending services, working with vulnerable people and refugees.

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