MCGILL'S Buses Launch Smart Card Ticket Option

INVERCLYDE bus operator McGill’s has launched its GoSmart card; the company’s first-ever network-wide commercial smart ticketing product.  

The GoSmart card is available free to all customers who register via the company’s website.  

Once the GoSmart card is sent out, customers can then log-on to their account to choose and pay for any of the company’s GoZone tickets.   

Colin Napier, McGill’s head of operations and commercial said: “McGill’s GoSmart card is a flexible and convenient way for customers to travel with us. Customers can create their own GoSmart account and purchase tickets whenever it suits them.  

"Next time a customer travels with us, they simply tap their GoSmart card on the ticket machine and the product bought online is added to their card.” 

Colin added: “Choosing to GoSmart means less time spent at bus stops, no need to carry money, or to hang on to a paper ticket. 

"It’ll speed up journey times, which is great news for all of our customers. For those customers who prefer not to pay on the bus, the GoSmart card is an excellent alternative to our very popular mobile ticketing”.  

McGill's ask that customers allow four hours between purchasing their ticket online and activating it on the bus. 

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