JOBS Created As New-Look McDonald's Re-Opens

Workers were putting the finishing touches to the premises on Monday afternoon

THE McDonald's restaurant in Greenock re-opened today (28 March) following significant investment and a major 'digital makeover', with the creation of 15 jobs.

The James Watt Way venue was closed for four weeks for improvements to the building, installation of an outside play area and electronic enhancements. Four self-order kiosks will allow customers to browse the menu, look at nutritional information and personalise their meals, giving people more time to consider their food and drink choices. 

Table service is also being introduced, meaning families will not have to leave children unattended while queuing. There will also be free-to-use tablet devices at tables.

Franchise-holder Steve Tomlin He said: “We’re excited to see what customers think about the changes. From seeing the digital features in my other restaurants, we expect to see those who used to pop in for a quick bite staying longer to use the tech we have on offer. 

"When ordering with the new kiosks, customers will have the option to make different food choices, for example swapping fries for a side salad or adding a fruit bag to their children’s Happy Meal.

“These changes are designed to make our customers’ experience as positive as possible and the new technology benefits everyone – whether that’s providing people with a chance to get to grips with using a tablet device in a relaxed environment, or providing parents with a quick and easy way of ordering their food.

"The introduction of these changes will mean that McDonald’s crew are able to widen their skill-set."

Steve added: “I’ve been a franchisee for more than 23 years and have seen the McDonald’s experience transform in this time. Our restaurants are a great leveller and are able to suit the needs of people from any background who want to come in grab a bite to eat or drink and enjoy the atmosphere these changes have created. 

“I am dedicated to investing in Greenock and in the development of my employees. That’s why I’m improving the crew room to provide them with the same facilities that our customers enjoy and have an area to train and develop to keep improving the service we offer. 

"I’m confident that this new-look restaurant will be a welcome addition to the area and I’m looking forward to welcoming our customers in to show off the changes.”

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