'GATEWAY' Spur Road Opens To Traffic In Port Glasgow

The road nearing completion last week

WORK has been completed on the first phase of an Inverclyde Council regeneration project to create a new entrance into Port Glasgow town centre and a new civic space in front of the town hall.

A new spur road off the A8 forming a junction with Shore Street and Princes Street opened to traffic today (Monday).  This has allowed the stretch of road directly in front of the town hall in Shore Street to be closed to traffic so that re-surfacing can go ahead. Shore Street is closed for the next few weeks as part of the second phase of work.

Regeneration Convener Councillor Michael McCormick said: “The new road opens up the town centre to traffic directly from the main route in and out of Inverclyde. It should significantly boost existing businesses and attract fresh investment into the area. Providing better connections into the town centre was one of the high priority recommendations of the regeneration masterplan for Port Glasgow so I am delighted we are seeing this phase of the project completed before the festive period.”  

The new road will have footways on either side and a grass lawn on the site of the present car park. The lower town quarter project also includes the demolition of redundant buildings behind the town hall to create a civic square. A new hard-landscaped civic space extends over Shore Street from the front of the Town Hall. 

To make room for the new spur road, the existing civic square around the Comet has been reduced.

The project is being delivered on behalf of the council by the urban regeneration company Riverside Inverclyde. Chief Executive Fiona Maguire said: “This is the latest phase of the ongoing regeneration of Port Glasgow and we hope this will make a real difference to the traders in Port Glasgow.”

The Port Glasgow town centre masterplan was developed in 2014 after extensive consultation with residents and businesses who identified the need to develop a new gateway to the town centre as a priority for investment.

The plan also recommends environmental improvements to the town centre; removal of redundant buildings; the restoration of empty shop units to provide ‘fit for purpose’ retail space and new office and commercial accommodation.

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