BOWLS -- Ardgowan Hold Prize-Giving

ARDGOWAN Club held their annual bowling prize-giving.

With more than 70 members and friends in attendance, President Kenny Gilmour and Lady Captain Liz Morrison congratulated the finalists and presented them with their awards.

Following the ceremony, those gathered enjoyed a light supper followed by the Stedfast Silver Band entertaining the gathering with a range of popular music.


Gents with President's Champion Gilbert McCracken, right, receiving cup from President Kenny Gilmour


Championship: JD Barr  (Finalist: G Ewing)

President's Cup: GJ McCracken  (Finalist: A Walker)

Victory Cup: N Robertson  (Finalist: C Prentice)

Non-Prizewinners: G Ewing  (Finalist: J Daly)

Senior Championship: I Murphy  (Finalist: I Norman)

Wm Kerr (three-bowl): C McCready  (Finalist: HC Barr)

Sir Simpson Stevenson (two-bowl): A Walker  (Finalist: C McCready)

Wm Edgar Trophy (nominated pairs): HC Barr, JD Barr (s)  (Finalists: R Love, IM Ross (s))

McKay Cup (balloted pairs): J Robertson, GJ McCracken (s)  (Finalists: G Ewing, KK Morrison (s))

Orr Cup: J Fox, J Docherty, I Norman, A Walker (s)  (Finalists: P walker, R Millan, No Robertson, KK Morrison (s))

Knockout Triples (balloted): I Norman, J Docherty, A Munro (s)  (Finalists: M McKimm, J Sweeney, J Daly (s))

Munro Shield: C Pickett, K Gilmour, R Love, A Walker (s)

Halliday Salver: P Walker, D Cameron, G McWilliam (s)

Dan McKillop Challenge (balloted): J Evans, J Docherty, D Chundoo, D Cameron  (Finalists: W Leslie, J Daly, C Pickett, T Kay)

Wm Allan Trophy (nominated): D Chundoo, J Docherty, A Haig  (Finalists: J McLellan, GA McCracken, GJ McCracken)

James Dunlop Trophy (balloted): R Love, L Morrison, J Daly (s)  (Finalist:J Gilmour, D Paul, IM Ross 9s))

Peter Gatherer Cup (nominated): D Paul, K Gilmour (s)  (Finalists: GA McCracken, GJ McCracken (s)

Knockout Triples (sets - balloted): A McGougan, D Chundoo, R McShane (s)  (Finalists: T Kay, D McAulay, A Haig (s)

Wapenschaw Prize: M McKimm  (Finalist: J Daly)

Gents' Open Triples: Bishopton  (Finalist: Kirn and Hunter's Quay)

Lady Champion Liz Morrison receiving trophy from Past Lady Captain Shelagh Hendry


Championship: E Morrison  (Finalist: W Leslie)

Captain's Cup: E Morrison  (Finalist: W Leslie)

Granny's Trophy: E Morrison  (Finalist: W Leslie)

Two-Bowl Pairs: M Hunter, S Hendry (s)  (Finalists: J Gilmour, E Morrison (s))

Four-Bowl Pairs: L Brady, E Morrison (s)  (Finalists: M Hunter, W Leslie (s))

Triples: J Gilmour, L Brady, W Leslie  (Finalists: M Hunter, S Hendry, E Morrison (s))

Ladies' Open Triples: Kilmacolm  (Finalist: Skelmorlie) 

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