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LATEST Vacancies From Inverclyde Jobcentre Plus

LATEST Vacancies From Inverclyde Jobcentre Plus

LATEST vacancies posted by Jobcentre Plus

Chef/Supervisor Wage To be discussed  | UJ ID No.44437195

Part-time Cleaner (18hrs) £7.85 per hour  | UJ ID No.44434027

Part-time Dog Grooming Assistant £7.75 per hour  | UJ ID No.44427019

Security Officer (SIA) £8.45 per hour  | UJ ID No.44412449

Part-time Office Administrator £8 per hour  | UJ ID No.44409905

Scaffolder (own van) Wage Negotiable  | UJ ID No.44443365

Modern Apprenticeship (Admin) £9,464 pa  | UJ ID No.44019846

Postman/Woman (Driver) Wage scale  | UJ ID No.44427122

Further information about these Inverclyde vacancies can be found at

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